Photo by    Preserve Studio

AMY SIEFFERT A Stockton native with degrees in fashion merchandising and apparel design, and a background in retail management and visual merchandising- Amy co-founded Goodstock Productions in early 2015. Her organized, analytical nature and clear communication ensure that no detail is missed.

No matter the client or event, her commitment ensures that each result is unique, meaningful and true to the vision. “We love events in general, but more than that… we want to bring people’s dreams to reality. That may sound cheesy, but it’s true.”

ANNE WILCOX A Stockton native with degrees in apparel marketing and design, and a background in business-  Anne joined Goodstock Productions after moving back to Stockton in the fall of 2015.

With a passion for creativity and design, she thinks outside the box and explores ALL possibilities to make each event a highly memorable experience. “Seeing our clients dreams come to fruition, and knowing we made a difference in some way. It’s really satisfying.”